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The Nine Virtues of our Viking Ancestors

The 9 Virtues of Our Ancestors

Runes and Asatru Religion

Asatru is the original pre-christian religion of the Northern European Peoples. Asatru was followed by the Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, English and Dutch. Some Irish, Scott's and Welsh also. Asatru expresses the religious heritage of the peoples of Northern European descent as a whole.

The 9 Runic Virtues of Asatru (below) pretty much sum up what the Asatru religion is all about. Our ancestors believed in a number of gods and goddesses.

The 24 rune futhork is the one most commonly used by the followers of Asatru. There is no such thing as a 25th rune. The blank rune is a farce.

I prefer to work with the younger futhork of 18 Armanen runes.

Runes no matter which futhork you choose to use, are Universal Creative Energies. You can best use runes by making a connection to their runic energies in the Quantum Ocean and bringing them into your life.

When I do my rune work I use only one of the runic keywords of each of the runes at any one time. When I am doing Rune Meditation or doing Rune Yoga or Rune Magic, Rune Breathing or making Bind runes, I chose one rune and one runic keyword to concentrate on.

Here are some more runic keywords you can use and chose from if you so desire. These are the ones most frequently used by those following Asatru.

The 9 Runic Virtues of Asatru are:

Rune URUZ ----- Strength is always preferred to Weakness.

We are proud of our strength.

We follow strong gods.

Rune TYR ----- Being Courageous is far better than being a Coward.

We face life's struggles with courage.

Rune WUNJO ----- Joyfulness over Guilt.

We take pleasure in being human.

There is no shame or guilt about our sexuality, our strength or our greatness.

Rune SOWULO ----- Honor not Dishonor.

We act with nobility not baseness.

Our inner standards are high.

Rune ANSUZ ----- Freedom from Slavery.

We have no masters.

Rune KENAZ ----- Kinship is better than Alienation.

We are not isolated or lonely.

We have our folk, kith & kin and family.

Rune EIHWAZ ----- Realistic not Dogmatic.

No blind faith.

Mystical but practical.

We live in this world not waiting for the next..

Rune MANNAZ ----- Vigor not Lifelessness.

We dare all we can be.

We are risk takers.

We are not sheep.

Rune OTHILA ----- Ancestry not Multi-culturalism.

Asatru is not a religion for all.

We re connected to the Ancestral Soul of our ancestors through Asatru.

Asatru and the runes are the heritage of the Northern European Peoples. Anyone can use them if they so desire but the power will not be there. No more than the power of a Cherokee medicine man would be there for me. Or the power of a christian priest. Or the power of a Samurai or Zulu warrior for me.

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