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Norse God TYR Asatru Blot Ritual Courage and Justice


Attract Courgae and Justice Into Your Life and Win Your Court Case


How to use an Asatru Tyr Blot with the Tyr rune to make yourself more courageous. Win court cases with Tyr Rune.

Tyr is called the invincible warrior of the Northern Gods.

According to the Eddas, Odin, Tyr and Thor wanted to shackle The Fenris Wolf. But the wolf broke every chain they put on him. The dwarfs weaved a magical ribbon, called Gleipnir. Fenris knew that the dwarfs ribbon was very strong and he asked one of the gods to place their hand in his mouth in case he was being tricked. Tyr agreed. When the dwarves ribbon held, the Fenris wolf bit off Tyr's right hand.

Tyr is also known as Tiwaz, the Germanic War God. Some historians say that Tyr was an early Sky God who passed his powers and Gungnir, his magical spear onto Odin.

Vikings threw spears over the heads of their enemies just before battle, to instill fear in them.

Tyr is a war God who also has special judicial and spiritual qualities.

Some keywords you can use when doing an Asatru Tyr Blot are: Justice, Victory, Courage, Self-Sacrifice and Spiritual Discipline.

I have used this Tyr-blot several times with great success, in winning court cases.

This Tyr Blot was designed for the individual Asatrurer who wishes to practice alone. To work at home. Those not interested in joining an Asatru group.

The Astrau groups who practice Tyr blots in the woods are usually loaded down with out dated tools. Tools that were meant for Tyr blots 1000 years ago.

Gandrs, swords, Thor's hammers, Brisingeamen bracelets, bowls, evergreen sprigs, Tyr banners and mead.

We are not Vikings living in the wilds, raiding etc. We are 21st century folk of Northern European Ancestry.

We need to use 21st century tools, our minds and Quantum Physics and the updated rune rituals.

Before you do a Tyr blot do you ask yourself the question?

Why am I trying to invoke Tyr?

You must have a reason for invoking Tyr. Why do you want Tyr in your life?

Be careful when invoking Tyr, he will bring justice to the party that is in the right.

Let me give an example: Say you want to attract more courage and justice into your life for a certain event. A pending court case.

Tyr is the god of courage and justice.

So a Tyr blot is appropriate.

But! Do you think Tyr will come out of the Quantum Ocean (Asgard) and into court and plead your case?


Childish thinking.

Gods do not do things for people. You cannot have Tyr win the court case for you. But you can invoke Tyr's COURAGE and JUSTICE. The courage and justice of Tyr can be yours.

What will the COURAGE AND JUSTICE OF TYR do for you?

With Tyr's courage and justice your presence in the courtroom will be empowered. The judge and the lawyers will feel Tyr's presence. Their own feelings of superiority over you will diminish. (I know I have tried it several times with success).

The TYR RUNE (runic energy) will attract Tyr's courage and justice into your life.

The TYR RUNE (runic energy) will raise the vibrations in your body and aura. You will radiate the power and courage of Tyr

TYR RUNE will put the judge and the lawyers on the defense. Your chances for success will greatly increase.

One more thing. Just before you get into the court room, paint a red TYR rune in each of your palms facing outward. Then when you sit at your table or stand in the courtroom make sure that they always face outwards toward the judge, lawyer and opponent.


Sit comfortably in your favorite chair. Breathe deeply and relax.

You will use the LAWS OF RUNIC MENTAL RADIONICS to reach into the Quantum Ocean where the energies of Tyr and the energies of RUNE TYR exist.

You will attract these energies into your life.

Look at the TYR RUNE (large one at bottom of page. Print it out on cardboard).


Remember in all radionics you need three working principles.




Your mind is the power source.

The TYR RUNE is the treatment

You are the target

Step 1

Intone mentally:

"I am now manifesting the energies of the Rune Tyr (courage and justice) out of the Quantum Ocean and into the Rune Tyr I hold in my hands."

You are charging the cardboard Tyr Rune.

Mental visualizations always help.

You can picture Tyr in the Quantum Ocean holding an Tyr Rune. See him sending the runic energies (courage and justice) of his Tyr Rune into your Tyr rune. Picture waves of vibrations flowing towards you.

Intone 3 times.


While holding the charged Tyr Rune in your hands intone:

"I am now inhaling the runic energies of courage and wisdom from my Tyr Rune into my aura."

Your aura is an egg shaped oval surrounding your body. It is your energy shield.

What ever energies, thoughts and beliefs you hold in your aura will act like a magnet and attract LIKE into your life. Law of Attraction.

Again 3 times.

Your aura is now full of Rune Tyr energy.



"I am now inhaling the courage and justice energies of Rune Tyr that is in my aura into every cell in my body."

Every cell in your body now vibrates with courage and justice energy from Tyr.

3 times

Sit quietly for several minutes. In your visualization thank Tyr. Get up and go about your business.






You (you are an energy being)

Rune Tyr (A Universal Creative Energy)

Tyr (A God of energy)

All is energy!

The key to blots is to attract the runic energy of the gods/goddesses out of the quantum ocean and into your aura and your life.

What energies you carry in your aura attract people, places and events into your life and create your life.

Tyr's Rune Tyr in your aura will attract courage and justice into your life.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.
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TyrsGothi Rikur said...

Your opinion on old and outdated tools for blot borders on complete stupidity. Just because you have a streamlined new aged way of doing things , doesn't mean that you are right and the rest of us are wrong. Get over yourself , you're not the POPE OF ASATRU.